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Student Advocates for Higher Education*

A San Jose State University student organization

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    We are motivated students mobilizing to create a strong student support group for undocumented students and their allies.


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SAHE is an organization run completely by student volunteers dedicated to serving our communities.

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Reunite Antonia with her 3 children in the U.S. after ICE senselessly deported her! No child should be without a mother!


Antonia is the mother of 3 gifted DREAMers who was senselessly deported having done NOTHING wrong. A Private Bill, H.R.4506, was introduced by Rep. Lofgren just days before she was deported by ICE despite receiving widespread support from community and elected officials like Rep. Zoe Lofgren and Rep. George Miller. ICE informed no one of their decision to deport Antonia Aguilar; Without her, her kids are left without a mother and their only caretaker. Her deportation serves as an astoundingly clear example of how the enforcement policies of ICE subverted the will of members of Congress and are completely out of sync with the administration’s priorities. “There’s nothing humane about my 12 year old brother not having his mom at home because ICE deported her." -David, Antonia's eldest son.


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